Age-related androgen deficiency

Age-related androgen deficiency




Decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, weight gain, decrease in muscle strength ... Many men complain of these symptoms after 50 years.

Testosterone is the most important hormone in humans. Responsible for male characteristics, it plays a key role in sexual behaviour, sperm production, hair growth, muscle and bone mass.

The level of testosterone available in the body decreases with age. After 50 years, more than one in 2 men will experience symptoms of a testosterone deficiency.

Age-Related Androgen Deficiency (AAD), sometimes called “andropause”, includes all the physiological symptoms caused by a drop in testosterone, generally after 45-50 years.

  • Decreased libido,
  • Erectile dysfunction,
  • Decreased muscle strength, endurance and physical performance,
  • Decrease in hairiness,
  • Fatigue, irritability, sleep disturbances, difficulty concentrating.

What solutions ?

Pharmacological treatments are possible but they often have side effects which can affect the quality of life. On the contrary, certain phyto-nutrients (plant extracts) and micronutrients have demonstrated real effectiveness, associated with good tolerance and the absence of side effects. Indeed, many recent studies have proven the interest of plant extracts such as saw palmetto or tribulus on sexual functions and overall quality of life.

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