Regulate your bile acids

  • Formula developed by Dr. Vincent Renaud*;
  • Synergistic association of 5 bio-active ingredients (milfoil, boldo, fumitory, quercetin and trans-resveratrol), of 2 amino acids (L-glycine and L-taurine) and an individually microencapsulated strain of microbiota (Bifidobacterium breve) (Probio-Protect®);
  • Trans-resveratrol, the active form of resveratrol, resulting from natural fermentation, 98% purified, allergen-free and pesticide-free;
  • Boldo extract supports the hepato-biliary function and contributes to digestive comfort;
  • High Quality Process®;
  • Clean Label THERASCIENCE.

*Doctor of Medicine, graduate of the Faculty of Paris

PHY410 - 60 capsules :

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