Tone and drain your legs

Tone and drain your legs to enjoy the beautiful days!

Light Legs / Venous circulation



The month of June is coming, and with it the first heat and exposure to the sun. Many people look forward to summer, but for some, it rhymes with pain, tingling, itching and swelling in the legs... What causes it? What gestures should be avoided? How to improve venous comfort? The THERASCIENCE Laboratory gives you its advice on how to start the summer with a light touch.

Why do we have heavy legs?

Nearly 15 million French people, 70% of whom are women, suffer from heavy legs: sensation of heat and pain. The SU.VI.MAX study reveals that 55% of women over 30 and 25% of men over 35 are affected by this syndrome.

This sensation of heavy legs is linked to a problem of blood circulation in the veins. Blood circulates in the body through vessels: arteries and veins. It is a so-called arterial blood, rich in oxygen and nutrients. Once it has distributed everything, the blood returns to the heart via the veins. This venous blood is loaded with carbon dioxide, which is eliminated along the way.

It is the venous return that is important in heavy legs. Unlike the arteries, the walls of the veins are devoid of muscle fibres. This means that the veins cannot contract to help the blood flow back to the heart. Fortunately, veins have a valve system. Valves open under the effect of blood pressure and close mechanically to prevent the blood from flowing backwards. The blood is also forced upwards by the pressure in the soles of the feet and the contraction of the calf muscles.

When this system is weakened, when one is rather sedentary or when the job requires standing for a long time, venous return becomes more difficult, which triggers sensations of heaviness in the legs. This is how a venous insufficiency gradually develops.

Gestures to avoid.

With the arrival of summer, prolonged sunbathing and exposure to heat, this feeling of heavy legs becomes more pronounced and can lead to complications.

Avoid as much as possible :

  • Sitting or lying down for long periods of time ;
  • Shoes with heels and clothing that is too tight ;
  • Baths or showers that are too hot ;
  • To cross your legs while sitting.

Improve venous comfort.

  • Walking and exercise are excellent energisers for your veins.
  • Adopt a balanced diet, favour foods rich in antioxidants (green tea, red fruits, citrus fruits).
  • Raising your legs when you are at rest is very beneficial for blood circulation.
  • Adopt compression socks, stockings or tights (especially if you are flying). These exert a degressive pressure: from the ankle, where the pressure is maximum, towards the top of the leg, this pressure reduces the calibre of the veins and promotes venous return.

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