What is the LIGNAFORM method?

What is the LIGNAFORM method?

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What are the keys to the success of your weight loss method ?

It is not enough to be motivated to lose weight, it is also necessary to be well supervised. With your doctor or a specialized dietitian, it is the guarantee of a sustainable weight loss without yo-yo effect, for a stabilized weight over the long term !

Your doctor or your dietitian will help you to lose weight effectively and to stabilize it durably thanks to the LIGNAFORM method.

What is the LIGNAFORM method ?

The LIGNAFORM method, developed by Laboratoire THERASCIENCE, is a personalized, rapid, safe and effective weight loss method, under medical supervision. More than just a diet, it is a real nutritional rehabilitation for optimal weight loss and maintaining your healthy weight over the long term. This method is composed of 7 phases, the duration of which is determined by the number of pounds to lose to reach your healthy weight. It combines various high quality protein preparations to ensure optimal efficiency. Thanks to a varied flavour menu, you will no longer succumb to temptation during your LIGNAFORM method !

The 7 phases of your success :

schema phases

Your doctor or dietitian will explain the protocol of the LIGNAFORM method to you in detail and adapt it to your needs.

Thanks to the advice and support of your healthcare professional and the THERASCIENCE dietetic service, you will quickly regain your nutritional balance and well-being.

Your doctor or your dietitian, regularly trained in the LIGNAFORM method and the scientific tools developed by the Therascience Laboratory, will help you lose weight quickly thanks to individualized and comprehensive care, but also to find a balanced diet. and physical essential to your well-being. You are not going to follow a simple diet: you will change your habits in depth to find and maintain a new silhouette! For lasting and effective weight loss, form a winning team with your doctor or dietitian!

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