The LIGNAFORM method - Principles of the method

Principles of the LIGNAFORM method

Slimming & weight loss


The LIGNAFORM method, a global concept of taking charge of your health, is based on 3 principles :

the principles method

Better know and understand your eating disorders and the associated micronutrient deficits :

The THERASCIENCE Laboratory has developed, in partnership with the IEPP, a scientifically validated questionnaire: the Individual Macronutritional Intake Questionnaire (QUIDAM).

This original and innovative questionnaire, accessible under medical supervision, comprises 8 questions and makes it possible to take stock of your nutritional intake, and therefore of the resulting macronutrient deficits. Simple and quick, all you have to do is report the score obtained for each question on the graph and compare it to the standard polygon. During the balanced diet phase, the use of QUIDAM at each consultation will correct your dietary errors in order to optimize your weight maintenance and improve your state of health.

Help you gradually regain your weight balance :

The THERASCIENCE Laboratory has developed a personalized protocol for weight loss and physical activity in 7 phases :

  • An active phase ;
  • A selective phase ;
  • 4 phases of reintroducing carbohydrates, associated with a physical activity program ;
  • A phase of food balance.

Maintain the results you have obtained and improve your quality of life :

In the equilibrium phase, the use of QUIDAM at each consultation will allow your doctor to provide you with personalized advice in order to correct your dietary errors and to advise you on specific supplementation to optimize your weight maintenance and improve your overall health !

The principles of the LIGNAFORM method :

The objective being to maintain an optimal intake of proteins, salt, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids while reducing the intake of carbohydrates and lipids, the active phase is based on 4 principles :

  1. A substantial intake of protein : via protein preparations and / or prepared and ready-to-use meals. Our proteins are selected for their high biological value (source of essential amino acids). LIGNAFORM preparations provide, as appropriate, milk, soy, pea or egg proteins. These proteins will maintain muscle mass and promote weight loss.
  2. A supply of vegetables (according to the authorized list) with a low glycemic index. These vegetables promote good intestinal transit and will allow you to enhance your meals.
  3. Limitation of carbohydrates : limited in sugar, the body draws its energy from fat reserves. From these fat cells and the lipids they contain, it makes ketones that will replace sugars as the main fuel. This mechanism, called "ketogenesis", allows both slimming and optimal fitness.
  4. Specific supplementation linked to the LIGNAFORM method : in the context of the LIGNAFORM method, diuresis will increase the loss of essential minerals and may cause a deficit in potassium, sodium, calcium and magnesium.

Your doctor or dietitian can prescribe micronutrient supplementation adapted to your profile.

  • Potassium :Your body's daily requirement is 4 g. Your doctor or your dietician will advise you PHYSIOMANCE ALCALIANCE during the first 2 phases.
  • Salt :Your body's daily requirement is 2.5 g. As most salty foods are prohibited, do not forget to salt your dishes and, if necessary, opt for PHYSIOMANCE SODIUM.
  • Specific supplementation for weight loss :Recent studies have shown that certain micronutrients such as cinnamon, green tea, zinc activate lipolysis (fat loss). To this end, the THERASCIENCE Laboratory has developed PHYSIOMANCE ACTION DIÈTE 4, a food supplement composed of chromium, green tea and cinnamon, and comprising a complex of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

In addition, omega-3 supplementation can be combined with the LIGNAFORM method : PHYSIOMANCE OMEGA 3+ method, with fatty acids playing a role in activating lipolysis and therefore in weight loss.

To optimize your method and preserve your health capital, Laboratoire THERASCIENCE offers you as supplementation :

  • PHYSIOMANCE ACTION DIÈTE 4 (2 tablets per day) ;
  • PHYSIOMANCE OMÉGA 3+ (1 tablet per day).

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