The alternative LIGNAFORM method

The alternative LIGNAFORM method

Slimming & weight Loss



Lose weight at your own pace, without frustration, by adopting a natural and friendly diet? This is now possible thanks to the LIGNAFORM Alternative method.

Natural and safe, the LIGNAFORM Alternative method promotes lasting weight loss without feeling deprived or feeling hungry.

Its originality: to combine a high-protein low-calorie diet with micronutrient support.

Indeed, it has been shown that certain psychological states (stress, anxiety...) can be at the origin of the failures encountered during diets because they induce a loss of self-confidence, a decrease in motivation, a tendency to food compulsions, a negative state of mind, a logic of failure...

Conversely, by having a beneficial effect on your emotional well-being, PHYSIOMANCE Control helps you to lose weight with confidence and to feel good about your body throughout the LIGNAFORM Alternative protein diet method.

Who is the LIGNAFORM Alternative method for ?

The LIGNAFORM Alternative method meets the needs of subjects :

  • overweight or obese ;
  • wishing to lose weight to overcome the complications of overweight (joint, digestive, respiratory disorders, high blood pressure, non-insulin-dependent diabetes (type 2), etc.) ;
  • having gained weight after smoking cessation, post-pregnancy ;
  • making an aesthetic request ;
  • experiencing a lack of motivation to follow an overly restrictive protein diet ;
  • subject to a lifestyle that does not allow you to follow a too restrictive protein diet ;
  • for which specific contraindications prohibit them from a high protein diet.

The principles of the LIGNAFORM Alternative method

The LIGNAFORM Alternative protein diet method, a global concept of taking charge of your health, is based on 3 priority axes :

1. A phytotherapeutic treatment of emotional well-being

Recent double-blind international scientific studies have shown that stress, anxiety or depressed moods can be at the origin of failures encountered during diets because they induce a loss of self-confidence, a decrease in motivation, tendency to food compulsions...

The LIGNAFORM Alternative protein diet method proposes to correct a possible serotonin or dopamine deficit (responsible for the aforementioned symptoms) thanks to PHYSIOMANCE Sérocontrol and PHYSIOMANCE Dopacontrol,then to continue the phytotherapeutic care of your emotional well-being thanks to PHYSIOMANCE Control.

This new generation food supplement includes the natural active principle of Crocus sativus: safranal, whose action on mood and appetite has recently been demonstrated in several clinical studies.

PHYSIOMANCE Control is the essential supplement to your weight loss nutritional program. By improving your emotional state and limiting the risk of food compulsions, the supplementation recommended by your health specialist will help you adhere to the LIGNAFORM Alternative method and lose weight.

2. An optimal protein intake, spread over the day

By combining the « appetite suppressant » effect and protection against muscle wasting thanks to a regular and balanced protein intake, the LIGNAFORM Alternative protein diet method ensures you physical well-being and harmonious slimming.

Consuming protein regularly throughout the day - at 3 meals and at snack time - allows you to more easily control your hunger during and between meals and thus reduces the risk of snacking. In fact, thanks to their « appetite suppressant » effect, food proteins can delay the feeling of hunger and reduce the size of the next meal.
In addition, a diet rich in protein helps protect muscle mass.

3. A balanced low-calorie diet divided into 4 levels

The diet program of the LIGNAFORM Alternative protein diet method consists of 3 moderately low calorie levels followed by a balance level. It offers a gradual and reasoned introduction of foods with a low glycemic index in order to benefit from their progressive energy and their richness in fibers and minerals.

By focusing on foods with a low glycemic index (green vegetables, raw fruits, wholemeal or cereal bread, pulses, etc.), the LIGNAFORM Alternative high-protein diet method allows safe and progressive weight loss.

The advantages of the LIGNAFORM Alternative method

Discover the advantages of the LIGNAFORM ALTERNATIVE protein diet method !

  • A precise and personalized diagnosis of the causes of your weight gain... Thanks to an innovative dietary survey, your doctor will be able to diagnose the causes of your weight gain. It will then be able to help you correct your eating errors and thus allow you to find a balanced diet.
  • Gradual and regular weight loss... By focusing on duration, you reach the target at your own pace and stabilize your weight over the long term.
  • A simple and user-friendly method… The food program is easy to follow, varied, and it adapts to your lifestyle, your constraints and your desires! By consuming « real » food, you retain all the taste pleasures.
  • The guarantee of emotional well-being... No more hunger, fatigue, irritability, discouragement or stress! The LIGNAFORM Alternative protein diet method is distinguished from other methods by a natural support for your well-being. Well followed, it guarantees you emotional well-being throughout the program thanks to the properties of Physiomance Dopacontrol, Physiomance Sérocontrol and Physiomance Control.
  • The absence of hunger… Compared to other low calorie diets, the LIGNAFORM Alternative method has the advantage of avoiding any feeling of hunger thanks to the « appetite suppressant » action of proteins. In addition, in the event of a serotonin deficiency (responsible for food compulsions), adequate supplementation with Physiomance Sérocontrol then Physiomance Control will allow better control of food intake.
  • Protection of muscle mass... It is achieved through a regular and sufficient protein intake, thus ensuring the maintenance of muscle mass in order to optimize weight loss while toning your figure. By making an accurate diagnosis of your micronutrient deficits using dietary survey software, your doctor can advise you on suitable micronutrient supplementation.
  • Personalized dietary and behavioural advice... Provided by your doctor during the balance stage to ensure that your weight loss is sustained over the long term thanks to a balanced diet.
  • An innovative, computerized monitoring tool, it will motivate you to follow the balance advice given by your doctor.
  • A personalized physical activity program... thanks to a computerized assessment, your doctor can advise you on a personalized and progressive physical activity program whose objective is to help you lose weight and regain a good balance in life.

With the LIGNAFORM Alternative protein diet method, losing weight quickly and safely becomes easy !

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