Latin name:

Cynara scolymus L.

Common name:





Mediterranean area

Part of the plant used:




Unknown in the wild, the artichoke is probably the result of selection and improvement of the cardoon (Cynara cardunculus L.). The artichoke leaf contains at least 0.8% chlorogenic acid. The components responsible for the plant's activity are acid-alcohols and acid-phenol esters (caffeic acid, chlorogenic acid, cynarin).

Used for several centuries, the artichoke is a so-called choleretic plant: the active ingredients of the plant promote the secretion of bile by the gallbladder, thus facilitating the digestion of fats.

The benefits

  • Choleretic effects;
  • Double action: cholesterol-lowering (decrease of the cholesterol level in the blood) and triglyceride-lowering (decrease of the blood triglycerides);
  • Hepato-protective effects.

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