If I lose weight too quickly, I will only lose muscle!

If I lose weight too quickly, I will only lose muscle!

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This statement is a common and widespread idea: if you lose weight too quickly, you only lose muscle (so no fat) and you immediately regain the weight lost at the end of the diet.

YES, this is true if you are on a low protein diet. In fact, if we don't provide the quantities of carbohydrates necessary to make the body function optimally, it will draw on the amino acids in the muscle to provide the necessary energy.

NO, by providing enough protein to meet the needs, the muscles are protected. This way you lose fat and your muscles do not melt, thus avoiding the famous yo-yo effect!

For safe and lasting weight loss, ask a specialist for advice!

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Is protein intake, morning, noon, evening and at snack time, dangerous to health?

LIGNAFORM protein preparations provide an average of 18g of protein.

At a rate of 4 or 5 sachets per day, this represents between 1.2g and 1.5g of protein per kilo of weight. These are therefore normal intakes, which cover protein requirements and respect the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance).

Proteins have no role in slimming, but they prevent you from losing weight at the expense of your muscles and, moreover, have a satiety-forming effect: you feel less hungry, more quickly. Proteins are therefore ideal allies to make your diet a success and avoid the yo-yo effect!

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