Hair that shines with vitality all summer long

Hair that shines with vitality all summer long

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Prolonged exposure to the sun, bathing in the sea or chlorine in the swimming pool, sweating, heat ... summer is the season of all dangers for your skin but also for your hair.

Don't wait for the back-to-school damage to take action and take the initiative to strengthen your hair and help it resist summer aggressions! Because behind the temporary shine provided by the sun, your hair is subjected to a thousand and one tests which cause rapid dehydration.


Natural solutions exist to limit this phenomenon and regain hair full of vitality !As for the skin, remember to protect your hair from UV rays by wearing hats, scarves, flats, caps ... If you can, take advantage of the beach exposure to coat your hair with nourishing and moisturizing oil. To fortify and strengthen your hair, don't forget to stock up on micronutrients and essential vitamins in your diet.

Vitamins of group B, zinc and proteins are essential for providing maximum nutrition.To strengthen the nourishing and fortifying action, consider specific food supplements. In addition to group B vitamins and zinc, essential elements, prefer wheat extracts rich in cystine, wheat oil rich in ceramides, borage oil, soy isoflavones, selenium and natural vitamin E. All of these micronutrients promote keratin synthesis and stimulate hair and nail growth.

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