Fill up on vitality with PHYTOMANCE Ginseng Gold !

Fill up on vitality with PHYTOMANCE Ginseng Gold !

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A flagship plant in phytotherapy, ginseng deserves its title of "king of herbs" as its properties are so numerous.

A real panacea

Ginseng, whose Latin name Panax ginseng means "panacea", has been part of traditional Chinese medicine for over 2,000 years. In Chinese, "jin seng" means "root man" because of the anthropomorphic appearance (apparent shape reminiscent of a human being) of the plant's root. According to the "signature theory", based on the principle of analogy, a plant would exert its benefits on the organ to which it resembles; representing the human body in its entirety, ginseng would therefore be beneficial to the entire organism.

Ginseng has been the subject of numerous scientific studies, to the point of having its own journal : Journal of Ginseng Research.

Ginseng stimulates vitality and improves physical capacities thanks to its tonic properties. The European Medicines Agency even recognises its traditional use in cases of fatigue and weakness.1 Ginseng is also the leading adaptogen, a plant that increases the body's resistance to stress. This is why ginseng is particularly recommended for sportsmen and women during training for a competition or to facilitate recovery. It can also be useful for people who are more sedentary when resuming their activity.

This plant has beneficial properties at the physical level but also at the level of cognitive performance since it improves attention, concentration and memorization capacities. Thanks to these effects, ginseng is recommended during exam periods and in case of intellectual fatigue.

One of the best-known properties of ginseng is undoubtedly its reputation as an aphrodisiac, which has been known for at least 2,000 years.2 This action is thought to be linked, on the one hand, to its tonic effect and, on the other hand, to its vasodilatory activity in the heart and urogenital sphere, which explains why ginseng is recommended in cases of impotence.3

Other studies have demonstrated ginseng's anti-inflammatory, immunostimulant and vasculoprotective effects. Its anti-oxidant action also helps to fight against oxidative stress linked to cell ageing.4 In addition, ginseng root acts to protect the liver and is recommended in cases of metabolic syndrome.

Red Ginseng from THERASCIENCE Laboratory

Several types of ginseng exist and differ according to their chemical composition:

  • White Ginseng contains mainly classic ginsenosides, molecules that are only slightly responsible for the plant's properties.
  • Red Ginseng has molecules with proven bioactivity: rare ginsenosides, which are more concentrated than in white Ginseng.

Thanks to its rare ginsenosides, red ginseng is much more valuable and therefore has a higher reputation than white ginseng.

Finally benefit from all the advantages of ginseng with PHYTOMANCE Ginseng Gold !

The THERASCIENCE Laboratory has selected HRG80TM (Hydroponic Red Ginseng) titrated to 10% ginsenosides, 80% of which are rare and scientifically proven, making it the most highly concentrated ginseng on the market! This composition in rare ginsenosides ensures its effectiveness and speed of action.

The excellent molecular profile of our ginseng is guaranteed by a standardised process characterised by :

  • A vertical hydroponic cultivation method;
  • The reproduction of natural and optimal conditions for its cultivation: luminosity, temperature, humidity, nutrients, physico-chemical parameters of the culture substrate;
  • A sterile clinical environment to protect it from attacks by pests, bacteria and phytopathogenic fungi. These stress-generating attacks are known to impact the production of active molecules by the plant.

The HRG80TM red ginseng powder TM obtained is therefore 100% pure (absolute purity), free of pesticides, solvents, heavy metals and mycotoxins.

According to a clinical study conducted on 160 patients over 10 days, 80 of whom were supplemented with 400 mg of HRG80™ ginseng and 80 with 1,560 mg of a standard ginseng, HRG80TM ginseng showed excellent results in terms of overall satisfaction (+12%), speed of action (+7%) and effectiveness (+12%). Vitality (+8%), energy (+9%), mood stability (+8%), learning ability (+12%) and sleep (+20%) were all improved.

PHYTOMANCE Ginseng Gold helps to maintain physical and intellectual capacities: it contributes to an optimal cognitive activity, favours memory performance and stimulates vitality and tonus. PHYTOMANCE Ginseng Gold is ideal in case of stress, fatigue or convalescence.

PHYTOMANCE Ginseng Gold has the High Quality Process® label which guarantees the effectiveness, origin and quality of our plant extracts. Moreover, PHYTOMANCE Ginseng Gold is formulated with the greatest respect for the principles of phytotherapy and contains neither gluten nor lactose.

With PHYTOMANCE Ginseng Gold you can regain your vitality!


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