Free radicals

Free radicals



Free radicals are molecules naturally produced by the body.

They are involved in the production of energy and are therefore indispensable. In general, these molecules are immediately neutralised by antioxidants. During the winter, the external aggressions (cold, wind...) that the organism is confronted with will lead to an increase in the production of these free radicals.

According to a study, the consumption of natural antioxidants (present in fruit and vegetables) is greatly reduced in the French population during the winter period.

However, when the production of free radicals is too high in relation to the quantity of antioxidants available in the body, an imbalance is created: this is known as oxidative stress. This stress will cause discomfort and will most often result in the appearance of fatigue.

To start a new year in good shape, support your body!

To do so, protect it from oxidative stress in order to conserve all your energy. Although your body naturally produces certain antioxidants, it is sometimes essential to support it by providing other antioxidants.

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