Fill up on antioxidants to keep you healthy !

Fill up on antioxidants to keep you healthy !



Our body has to face various attacks on a daily basis that weaken it and accelerate its aging. Exposure to UV rays, stress, tobacco, pollution, age, an unbalanced diet poor in fruits and vegetables, can lead to an excess of free radicals. This is called « oxidative stress » : when it is important, it becomes responsible for the accelerated aging of our cells.

Free radicals are molecules naturally produced by the body. They are particularly involved in the production of energy and are therefore essential. Although produced all the time, they do not accumulate as they are quickly neutralized by antioxidants. A balance is created and our cells remain protected against their harmful effects.

However, when the production of free radicals is too high in relation to the amount of antioxidants available in the body, an imbalance sets in and free radicals will then cause a lot of damage: they accelerate cell aging, attack the body. DNA, thus increasing the risk of cancer...

To protect your cells against oxidative stress, it is essential to limit the factors that promote it such as tobacco, stress... and urgently to stock up on antioxidants !

We distinguish :

  • Antioxidant vitamins: vitamins B2, C and E ;
  • Antioxidant trace elements: selenium, zinc ;
  • Natural bio-actives: resveratrol, lipoic acid, polyphenols from green tea extract ;
  • Alpha lipoic acid, glutathione….

Thanks to a healthy lifestyle associated with the regular intake of antioxidant food supplements, you protect your body from the inside and thus preserve your health capital.

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